This is my sweet friend Melanie.  She and her husband Matt joined Andy and I on a Mt. Baker climb over the weekend and we had a blast.  They had us in stitches all weekend and kept us from taking ourselves too seriously.


Favorite moments included the snow “love-seat” they dug out, the freeze-dried chocolate cheesecake and the back-seat DJ’ing in the car.


At one point Melanie asked,  “Do you feel like you learn life lessons when you climb?”

It was hour ten of our Mt. Baker climb and I was doing all I could to make it back to the car without biting someone’s head off.

She continued in her sing-song voice, “I feel like climbing teaches me perseverance.”

If I would have said that it would be obvious.  From Melanie, who was climbing with a torn ACL it was encouraging and challenging.  Always the optimist, she had pushed through the climb without complaining once.  Slow and steady, she had made it to the summit and back without injury.


Way to go Mel!  Here’s to many more summits ahead!


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