Don’t Follow Me


In a world of Insta-fame, Snapchat scores and beautifully curated Facebook profiles, the amount of “my life is perfect” messages getting sent over my phone can get overwhelming.  What started out as a way to connect with friends has become a competition for likes and comments.  I can find myself asking, How is it that this other chick who climbs mountains has six thousand more Instagram followers than I do when they are not as accomplished?  and Why do I have to look like such a dork all the time?  But the real question is, What has happened to me??


I am realizing that that no matter how many virtual followers you have, nothing beats a good old-fashioned hang out.  Belly laughs and heart to hearts just don’t happen on social media.  As I get older, time with friends get harder to schedule due to work, kids and all other sorts of annoying things.  But true friendships are worth waiting for.  I may not hear back from my girlfriend for eight hours but when she finally does text, “Wow, I’ll be praying for you” I know it’s not an empty platitude.

So I’m quitting the social media game. Don’t worry, I realize that I am living in the 21st century so I won’t be deleting my accounts completely but I’m not going to ask you to follow me on Instagram, to share my posts on Facebook or to find me on Snapchat.  It’s time for me to go back to being simply Laura.

Laura, the girl who loves ice cream and sunshine and has trouble getting out of bed when its rainy.  The girl who laughed when Andy suggested she climb Mt. Hood with him but has since climbed 16 of the NW’s tallest peaks.  The graveyard worker who has a chronic case of jet-leg, the crisis worker who struggles to process the amount of trauma, darkness and grief she encounters on a daily basis, and the girl who has to push down her emotions and take charge at work and then struggles in her personal life to find the balance between withdrawing completely from relationships and being a beoch.


If you are looking for the perfect girl who has everything figured out, then good luck and sayonara (did I mention I’m blunt?).  Here you are going to find the crazy girl who married way out of her league, says ridiculous things at the dinner table, is always looking for a good adventure and who doesn’t understand the meaning of slow.

I am Laura, take me or leave me but please don’t follow me.



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