Best of 2016


Best Climb–Glacier Peak

34 miles round trip and beauty in every part of it.  The trail starts off in an old growth forest where if you walk quietly, you can hear the giants whispering their ancient wisdom.  Next you climb into an alpine meadow, where miniature trees and flowers that have been tended by the very hand of God reward your eye in every direction.  As you come to the top of the pass, you are greeted by the view of surrounding mountains in every direction, white and blue and green.  Finally, when you crest the last hill and start the long walk across the glacier, you are rewarded with rock and ice formation that demand aweful respect.  A difficult trip but worth every moment.



Best Climbing Buddies–Matt & Melanie

These two bring laughter and encouragement wherever they go…and on this particular climb they brought ice cream.  While we might have accidentally bought the exact same mountaineering boots, we are all quite different in a way that compliments.  They challenge us to push ourselves harder and to take time to relax and enjoy the scenery.



Best Home away from Home–the Himalaya

This is the place we always long to return to, the place where our second family lives.  How does one describe a people and place that has captured your heart?



Best Trek–Pokhara ABC in 3 days!

Normally a five day trek, we pushed up to Annapurna Base Camp in three hard, long days.  Likely the most difficult hike we’ve ever done but so rewarding.






Best Friends

Shout-out to all the people who have supported and loved us through the last year.  Though we may not have glamorous photos to display of you, know that you are loved and appreciated.  In fact, your friendship is the fuel for our adventure.


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